Tým Nest se stane novým designérem hardwaru společnosti Google bez peněz

Generální ředitel společnosti Google Larry Page (uprostřed) se spoluzakladateli Nest Matt Rogers a Tony Fadell (foto: technologyreview.com)

Podle nejmenovaného zdroje citovaného společností Tony Fadell a zbytek týmu Nest se stanou hlavní hardwarovou skupinou Google, budou pracovat na různých hardwarových projektech a budou mít přístup k mnoha zdrojům podle potřeby.TechCrunch.

Nová divize bude stále fungovat na hardwarových zařízeních, ale ne nutně na termostatech nebo detektorech kouře. Google by ve skutečnosti chtěl, aby Fadell pracoval na gadgetech, které dávají společnosti větší smysl. Bude to telefon nebo tablet? Zatím to není jasné [

When it comes to budget, Google is willing to let the Nest team use as many resources as it needs. In other words, the company is getting serious about consumer hardware, and Motorola was just a false start β燑!–more–>

If true, it檚 an extremely interesting move. It had been widely assumed that Google檚 interest in Nest was primarily for the data it could glean from learning more about the behaviours of consumers, rather than in the hardware itself. Indeed, it was that fear which caused many to react badly to Nest檚 acquisition by Google.

If Google does indeed have ambitions to move into consumer hardware, its acquisition of a team comprising mostly Apple engineers and led by the man dubbed 榝ather of the iPod may cause some worried looks within Apple. Couple the Nest team to the patents it acquired and is reportedly retaining following the purchase and sale of Motorola, and Google would be extremely well-placed to create smartphones and tablets which might pose a serious threat to Apple檚 dominance.

The one piece that doesn檛 quite seem to fit is Google檚 apparent cozying up to Samsung. That doesn檛 gel with the idea of Google making rival devices.

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